joi, 29 martie 2012

Eseul meu la engleza

Mi-am dat silinta , si in cele din urma chiar a iesit ceva :) Desigur , m-am inspirat putin spre final si din postarea trecuta , insa nu conteaza , tot mie imi apartine ;)
Restul las la aprecierea cunoscatorilor :)

My free choices

Could it be true, then , that conforming to nonconformism makes one a conformist ? This phrase is not exactly true, because if you don't act from your own, those facts aren't prouves of nonconformism . When you wear something just because your best friend has it, or listen a kind of music for the same reason, it doesn't mean you are independent . 

Things that represent nonconformism could be our independent actions, entirely separated by the ones of the other people around us, as originally clothes, music or facts, but things which should represent us . For example, would be inappropriate to dree like a rapper if you love rock music or otherwise, just for the attention of your friends . It gives you a strange feeling, where you realise you're not yourself anymore . Is something special when you are acting free and separated by the others, because you find yourself in those acts, and even better, as you can discover other sides of you, unknown until those moments . 

As an example, I love rock music very much, and as well the only one from my friend circles and school . I love very much some rock bands as Vunk, Ska-nk and many others, and I'm not influenced by my colleagues, who listens other kinds of music as pop, dance, rap or manele . I respect their choices and they mines . This only on music, because I am original on the look style, wearing different kind of clothes depending of my mental state : if I'am happy, ussualy a wear green or red, if I'm calme I wear black or white . Of course, the clothes depends by the ocassions , because not every day you can walk on street without schedule or plans . 

I'm sure nonconformism is about your personality, and even very much in the balance, because is nothing wrong if you're a dreamer . I'm one of the biggest, and I don't care of opinions like "only imatures dreams a lot" or "dreams won't bring you somewhere" ! I prefer to be consider an imature kind but to remain stuck in dreams than let them go and being a serious age man, but an unhappy one . Even some moments of melancholia makes you a little sad, thinking of your past or future, but is a pleasure sadness ... I hate the common and the people like this, as well as those unable to feel certain things, those who pass through life without realizing what is truly important ( for exemple, the persons next to you, the memories, the merry moments that you really "live" - "Carpe Diem", brilliant the Romans by this phrase that says everything ) . Rather than consider myself a happy person from the material point, but to lead an ordinary life, I prefer to introduce myself briefly: "I'm Alex and  I am a dreamer."

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